As a PhD in Clinical Psychology and currently working at SHARP McDonald Center as their Behavioral Health Therapist at SHARP McDonald Center providing medically supervised Mental Health and Substance Abuse tools at this substance abuse recovery program.  I have also provided my skills for mental health and substance abuse as a Program Director of Alpine Special Treatment, Inc., which is a 24-hour secured setting that offers supportive, rehabilitative services for people suffering from psychiatric and substance abuse disorders.

Another of my positions as a benefit of my passions and education was Chairperson of the Training and Implementation Committee for CADRE/CCISC for San Diego County. The San Diego Change Agents Developing Recovery Excellence (CADRE) is comprised of county staff and providers who are committed to the Comprehensive, Continuous, Integrated System of Care (CCISC) model of service delivery. This committee decides upon the training topics and the delivery of that training for clinicians working in behavior health programs throughout the San Diego County. This included multidisciplinary teams designing curricula. 

> “I am the President of The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi), San Diego Chapter. This international organization actively addresses behavioral health challenges with and for the African/Black diaspora. I am also a Board member of the San Diego Psychological Association (SDPA). I utilize these platforms to teach and advocate for more culturally appropriate treatment for people of all ethnicities, striving to bring down the misconceptions of separateness, but addressing the uniqueness of each cultural concerns, both relevant to today’s youth, and their histories.

I also bring a year’s learning experience from Houston, Texas for at-risk youth as a charter school educator. As well as, being an integrated co-parent as an Aunt/Parent to my nephew who lives in my home.

I was blessed with growing up steeped in education’s educators:

  • with my mother being a 30 year teacher of high school business, and
  • my aunt a school librarian for 30 years
  • my grandmother taught for 46 years as a Jr. High School English Teacher,
  • while her sister, my aunt taught home economics in rural communities. In addition to having,
  • my uncle as a college professor in physics.

I understand first-hand the struggles and sacrifices of being an educator as I have seen my own family and their friends and fellow administrators meet the challenges of being educators and organizational administrators at all levels. Therefore, I understand the needs of those providing your children with the critical learnings for each step and phase they are challenged to integrate into their being the best they can offer for themselves and the continued growth of our community. Together. If you choose to assist with my election as your Trustee board member I will bring continued and innovatively dedicated tools for you, our educators and administrators with your children through their education hours to thrive to a stabilized well-being and find their balance in these trying times. I look forward to “the US, of US” working together as your trusted servant and applying these skills for the benefit of assisting your students within our Cajon Valley Unified School District framework operative as they receive equitable education.